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When we hear the word richness, we don’t automatically think of the Kardashians and all their wealth. To us, richness isn’t about money.

It’s being able to get up in the morning and do exactly what you want to do, without limitations.

It’s getting home in time to have dinner with the family. Being present. Volunteering. Travelling. Playing Sports. Spending time with friends. Living your passion.


At Alluvia, our goal is to help you discover your richness and design your business so you can live this every day.

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Why? Because I wouldn’t be good at my job if I didn’t listen to my own advice.

After advising clients on how they can set their business up to suit their lifestyle goals, I looked internally and realised there was work to be done in my own business.

I was working too many hours, sacrificing spending time with my family and friends and STRESSED.

I remember a weekend in May last year, my family came to visit and instead of spending time with them, I worked all weekend. I had so much to do in preparation for the end of financial year and not enough time or resources to do it. During this time of stress, I made a conscious decision to never put myself in this position again. So I worked hard to streamline our processes, adding efficiency apps and recruiting talented colleagues.

I’m sharing this because I feel as business owners (especially solo ones) we often get caught up in the day to day busy-ness and don’t spend enough working ON the business.


The journey has taught me so much and
set us up to better service our clients
and live our own richness.


Which is why we re-branded...

With our new service offerings and focus came a feeling of out-growing the brand Cloudbooks. 

We are so much
more than just a bookkeeper.

After brainstorming business names and asking family and friends for ideas, along came Alluvia.

The plural of Alluvium which means rich soils. It connected with me for two reasons, Bendigo is our home and has a rich gold history and every day we are lucky enough to discover richness in our clients businesses.

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Along with our passion for helping small businesses succeed... 

we are big on making Bendigo a better place to live.

We do this through our involvement with not for profit organisations who are focussed on improving the quality of Bendigo’s hospitality and tourism sector while providing accessible and affordable events for the community. We are also proud that our clients hold the same values.

The work we do with our clients gives them the freedom to give back to the communities they run their businesses in.

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P.S. We get it,
KNOW we're legit. 


  • Xero Champion Silver Partner

  • ICB - Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

  • ABN - Member of Australian Bookkeepers Network

  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting & Business Law)

  • Receipt Bank Silver Partner

  • Treasurer - Bendigo Beer

  • Festival Director - Bendigo on the Hop

  • 2018 Victorian XERO Bookkeeping Partner of the Year

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Whether you're local, big or small business, we can help you discover your financial richness.From bookkeeping to business advisory, we're taking care of business!

Alluvia Financial Plane6 copy.jpg