Yep, we're an all women A-team!

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1 / Not your typical number crunchers. We do things differently and have fun at the same time.

2 / Avid travellers ourselves, we design your business to work for you, from anywhere.

3 / The team who will get to know you and your business, and help you find better ways to run it.

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So, why finance?

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Jo Doye


Bachelor of Business (Accounting & Business Law)

Beer Nerd

Perpetual Traveller

Sports Mad

When I was young, I experienced business failure first hand.

My parents business was declared bankrupt. They had worked so hard, put their blood sweat and tears into the business - but it never clicked. As I got older I realised while economic factors played a part, they didn't have the right people and support around them.

I will never forget as a teenage girl walking to the phone booth (did I hear you say phonebooth? Let's just say I'm grateful it didn't happen in the naughties!) so I could call my *ahem* friends because we couldn't get the phone turned on at home.

After going to uni to learn numbers and working in the corporate world, I always remembered what it was like dealing with financial hardship. And how easily it can happen to skilled business owners if they don't understand their numbers.

Now I have the pleasure of working with passionate, highly talented business owners to make sure their kids always have enough phone credit to call their besties. I’m based in our Bendigo accounting office.


Meet the rest of the A-team

Jess Roberts

Business Advisor

Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

Podcast Addict

True Crime Buff

Mother of 2

Team Alluvia Financial

Lisa Canny


Part-time Numbers Guru

Part-time Beauty Therapist

Full-Time Awesome

Gardening Expert

Mother of 3

Team Alluvia Financial

Lyn Grimes


Tried to Retire (It Didn’t Stick)

Wellness Nerd

Aunty of the Year (35 years running... and counting!)


Our incredible clients are also part of the A-Team, 
we wouldn't be where we are today without them!


Yeah, we have some amazing clients & we're 'pretty' Passionate...

So the question is, are you ready to work with the A-TEAM?