Through my friends at The Launch Gals in Bendigo (a group designed to support women in business locally), I was e-introduced to Amanda from Plush Content Co and Hannah from HiHannahMaree. These girls are doing great things on the 'GRAM so when I was invited to spend a weekend with them, I jumped at the opportunity. It has been a big year for me and I saw this as a great opportunity to get away and focus on my plans for 2019. 

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We're Empire Gals!

The Launch Gals is a new group in Bendigo with the goal to bring together a collective of dreamers, creatives, entrepreneurs, bosses and everyday gals who are united by one common thing: they want more. I just took their quiz and I must say, the results are SPOT ON!

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Jo DoyeAlluvia Financial
Work life balance is so important...

Five tips for improving your work-life balance

We all have the best intentions about work-life balance, but it's hard to turn those intentions into reality. Xero wrote a guide on work-life balance and I wanted to share some of the ideas that I liked with you.

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Jo Doye