XEROCON 2018 - here’s what Jade thought about her first experience



Jade & Elysia went to their first XEROCON this year. It was held up at Brisbane. To say they we’re excited is an understatement!

This annual event is one I very much look forward to. 

I caught up wits Jade after the event to see what she thought..


”Xerocon was such an amazing experience! The upbeat energy from everyone

who works for Xero was a fantastic environment to be in and they way they are

all so passionate about Xero and what they are trying to do for small business

owners, really made me feel good about a company that I am a part of, in an

indirect way!

Day 1 was great, highlights being Genevieve Bell and her fantastic talk on the AI

revolution and her upbringing and how she got to where she is today.

Meeting heaps of people from app providers, other bookkeepers, accountants,

catching up with people I went to Uni with and even running into people I

worked with when I had my first job as an accountant was a great experience for


Break out session – Recommending the right apps was a real highlight for me. I’

m fascinated with how technology is becoming such a major player for business

in areas such as marketing, production, general business efficiency, revenue

growth (just to name a few). I really love how we are moving from strength to

strength in business with the help of some amazing apps. And apps suited to

specific industries too, it’s a real game changer.

Day 2 – Mark Manson’s talk on focusing on what matters was fantastic, he was a

real highlight. The way he thinks and approaches life was great and I took away

new ways of thinking from what he had to say.

I guess the key take-aways for me was that the way we do business as

bookkeepers is rapidly changing and we need to be changing with it. I know I

work for a company who is at the forefront of this change so this was an exciting

message for me, not a daunting one.

We are embracing the changes and we’re doing all that we can to stay ahead of

the game and work out what it is our client’s need, and doing all we can to

provide that for them.

Another big thing for me is that Xero are really big on providing a system where

you can work from anywhere, in your own time. Given my office is a 3-hour drive

away from our head office, I’m wrapped when I hear people are so supportive of

this set up and how it is becoming more and more common. We truly can set up

our lives around our work in a positive way, and this was a really inspiring

message for me.”

Jade Symons.  

September 2018. 


We can’t wait for next year already! 

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